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Our vision is to offer people an alternative solution to conventional medicine. Many of our clients have spent years in hope for finding answers to their symptoms or illnesses. Through holistic medicine techniques our Natural healthcare Doctor is able to determine the nutritional needs of the body to allow it to heal itself.

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About Gracie G. Chukwu N.D.,MSN., C.N.C

As the owner of “Houston Holistic Health Clinic”, my duties include creating a wellness center for my clients in Naturopathic medicine, healings and lifestyle management. I teach them how to apply natural healing with a holistic approach to nutrition in relation to body, mind and spirit. With holistic nutrition, we do recognize that our food choices and the air we breath affect all our being. Our consumption of refined and processed foods will always deplete our physical and mental energy

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Houston Holistic Health Clinic


Dr. Gracie is an old school naturalist that diagnoses the whole person! She gets to the root problem that is causing issues with the physical body as well as emotional well being.

June Dixon / La, Houston

I was shocked after undergoing the hair follicle testing and starting a dietary regime under your direction along with natural supplementation with a healthy diet and losing nearly 25 pounds!


I highly recommend going to Dr. Gracie! Without her, I would still be walking around miserable all the time. Thanks Dr. Gracie!