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Additional Information

USA - FDA Approved Indications for Use

Thermography Vs Mammography And Ultrasound

Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography is often “compared” to other modalities such as Mammography. The fact is that Thermography cannot be compared to mammography because they are looking at two completely different things in the body.

Thermography looks at the physiological parts of the body (Function or Activity) and while Mammography looks at the Anatomical parts of the body (skeletal or Structures).

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Uses Infrared Sensors to detect heat patterns and increased Vascularity ( Angiogenesis) as the byproduct of biochemical reactions. The Heat is then compiled into an image for computerized Analysis.

  • NO RADIATION, Non-Invasive and Pain Free
  • Can be used as often as indicated to trace a problem, Observe the effectiveness of a treatment, or monitor the health of the breast over time.
  • NON-CONTACT, nothing touches the body
  • Has the ability to detect fast growing aggressive Tumors. In 7 out of 10 women, Thermography will be the first Alarm that something is happening in there.
  • Hormone Use— NO Effect
  • Earliest Method of Breast Cancer Detection—-UNKNOWN.


Passes radiation through the Breast to produce an Image. Suspicious areas need to be dense enough to be seen.

  • Very limited use due to radiation exposure and pain concerns.
  • Compresses the Breast.
  • Cannot detect exponentially fast -growing Tumors in the Pre-invasive stage.
  • Hormone -Use Decreases Sensitivity
  • Can detect cancer earlier than physical examination.


High Frequency sound waves are bounced off the breast tissue and collected as an echo to produce an image.

  • NO- Radiation, Non-Invasive, Harmless
  • Uses Mild Sound head contact
  • Ability to detect some concerns not detected by the Mammography
  • NO Known effect on Hormone -Use
  • Not A screening procedure used to investigate an -area already detected by Mammography, Thermography or Physical Examination.
  • Low resolution- Cannot see fine details.


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