How much is a consultation?

The consultation fee is $160 which covers the initial appointment and follow ups. Any testing or herbal medicine would be separate.

Do you offer telemedicine?

Absolutely, we offer video and phone consultations.

Do you accept insurance or Medicaid/Medicare?

Unfortunately, we do not. We accept HSA, FSA, Cash, Credit, or Check.

What are the methods of treatment?

Lifestyle, Nutrition, and herbal medicine.

Do you see children?

Yes, we can see patients as young as the age of 2.

Who are you? Who is Dr. Gracie?

Dr. Chukwu is a Board-Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and a Certified Nutrition Counselor in Texas. A Nutritionist and Naturopath that help her clients to improve their health with the understanding that each client is unique and has individual needs. By combining the arts of Naturopathy and Nutrition Counseling, Dr. Gracie Chukwu is uniquely qualified to help her clients discover their nutritional needs and bring them back to optimum health. Some of her techniques involve dietary changes, specialized medical testing and individualized supplement programs to help her clients feel better! As a Doctor of Naturopathy, Dr. Gracie Chukwu is an advocate of alternative medicine & the holistic health philosophy which typically supports the person as a whole instead of a person with a symptom.

What makes HHHC different or special?

Houston Holistic does not prescribe any pharmaceutical drugs. We believe in getting to the root cause of the issue, eradicating the problem and replenishing the body with natural herbal remedies along with lifestyle and nutrition. One of the things that makes Houston Holistic unique is the fact that we truly take the time get to know all of our patients. We are passionate and individualize patient care. We treat patients in a holistic manner understanding that the mind body and spirit is seen as one entity. Here at HH you will have all the time you need to discuss your concerns and health needs. We offer solutions to all types of people no matter what state of health you’re in. If suffering from a chronic disease or if you want to improve your overall health. HHHCC is the place for you. Call us today. It’s time to reclaim your health naturally.

What is Thermography? Why is it important?

Digital thermal imaging or thermography is a proactive approach to wellness. Thermography is a non-radiation, noninvasive painless way to screen for thermal changes in the body that may represent the early signs of disease. It takes 8-10 years for a dime-sized tumor to grow. Breast Thermography can be the first signal that such a possibility is developing.

What are the most used services?

Our most used services are Nutrioinal Coaching, Thermal imaging, Lifestyle coaching, Herbal Medicine. Non invasive Lab testing. Hair anaylysis, food intolerance, Gut biome, saliva hormonal testing.

How can people make an appointment?

You can go online to and select appointment and schedule on our calendar or give us a call at 713-781-9991

Questions answered/still have questions?

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