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Dr. Chukwu is a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Certified Nutrition Counselor. A Nutritional consultant and Naturopath helps their clients to improve their health with the understanding that each client is unique and has individual needs. By combining the arts of Naturopathy and Nutrition Counseling, Dr. Gracie Chukwu is uniquely qualified to help her clients discover their nutritional needs and bring them back to optimum health.

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Houston Holistic Health Clinic

Gracie G. Chukwu ND; MSN; CNC – Board Certified Naturopath

As the owner of “Houston Holistic Health Clinic”, my duties include creating a wellness center for my clients in Naturopathic medicine, healings and lifestyle management. I teach them how to apply natural healing with a holistic approach to nutrition in relation to body, mind and spirit. With holistic nutrition, we do recognize that our food choices and the air we breath affect all our being. Our consumption of refined and processed foods will always deplete our physical and mental energy.

  • Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy
  • Washington D.C. Dept of Health-Registered Naturopath
  • Naturopath-Holistic Nutritional Consultant
  • Board Certified Naturopath (CTN)
  • Nutrition Counselor – M.S. Nutrition
  • American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner
Houston Holistic Health Clinic

Certified Traditional Naturopath By:

  • American Certification Board, Missoula, Montana.
  • A Registered  Naturopathic Diplomate By National Registry of NATUROPATHIC PRACTIONERS(RND)
  • She is a Registered Doctor of Naturopathy by the Government of District Of Columbia- Department of Health Care Licensing and Registration Programs In Washington, DC. U.S.A.
  • She is board Certified by the ANMCAB; the largest and most respected proffessional Association for Natural Health Care Practitioners in America and around the World, and has gained the recognition of the Federal Intermediary Council on Alternative Medicine.

About Our Services

The foods we consume must be absorbed ad assimilated in our bodies, and for that to happen, we must have a properly functioning digestive system, good nutrients from the foods and natural supplements cannot be fully utilized until the eliminative system is functioning at proper level. All these process comes under Disease Preventions. You remember the saying that” Prevention is better than cure’.

Dr. Gracie analyzes each individual’s health, behavioral and attitudes, Lifestyles in order to help achieve total wellness by referring each client to non-invasive tests and anecdotal healing principles.

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Houston Holistic Health Clinic

Dr. Gracie is not a MEDICAL DOCTOR. Therefore, She will not prescribe drugs. She is trained in natural health specialist educator. She performs wellness consultations regarding diet, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, alternative healing and will work with your primary care doctor. She can also refer you to other healthcare professionals when appropriate. She has been helping others obtain better health and enjoy her client’s quality of life improve.

Dr. Gracie is a complementary health care practitioner. Her care is adjunctive to your medical doctor and not a substitute. Always do feel free to ask questions. Keep in mind that I will do everything possible to get you there.

Houston Holistic only accepts Cash, Checks, Credit cards, and HSA/FSA for their office visits and services.

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