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Naturopathic Doctor in Houston, TX

Houston Holistic Health Clinic offers the following services:

  1. Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis Test...... 
  2. Infertility Treatments
  3. Naturopathy
  4. Parasite Stool Test 
  5. Bacteriology Stool Test 
  6. Yeast / Candida Stool Test  
  7. GI-Comprehensive Stool Profile Test   that includes Parasite,Bacteria and yeast
  8. Nutrition counseling
  9. Hormone Saliva Testing   Female Hormone   Male Hormone 
  10. Food Alergy Profile Test   184 IgG Food Panels &   96 Food Panels  
  11. MOLD PANELS  15 IgE & 15 IgG  
  12. Only Natural Pharmacy Store
  13. Cancer Care
  14. Dementia
  15. Diabetes
  16. Hypertension
  17. Weight Loss for life plan
  18. Fibromyalgia / Chronic Pain / Auto - Immune Disorders
  19. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  20. Anti - Aging and Longevity
  21. Disease - Preventions
  22. Nutritional Therapy for ADHD
  23. Herbal Medicine
  24. Homeophatic Remedies
  25. Nutritional Assesment
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