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Hair Analysis Service from Houston Holistic Health Clinic

Hair analysis is used as a guide to which foods and supplements an individual needs to incorporate in their everyday regimen, and which should be removed. It tests for the levels of good minerals and how well the body is absorbing them. It also tests for the presence of toxic metals in the body. Minerals such as Lead, Mercury, and Aluminum can cause harm to the body. Hair Analysis is a great way to understand what your body needs in order to feel healthy and work optimally.

To receive a hair analysis please call for an appointment.

To receive a Hair Analysis through the mail without an appointment:

Please cut 2 tablespoons of hair from as close to the scalp as possible. Best accuracy is obtained by cutting hair close to scalp at the back of the head in the area below the top of the ears, or near the top of the neck. Discard any ends of the hair that exceed 2". Place the hair in a small zip-lock bag.

In a mailing envelope, please include the following:

  1. The zip-lock bag with the hair sample
  2. A piece of paper that includes your: Name, Age, Height, Weight, names of ALL hair products used including color dyes, your natural hair color, your race, major symptom of concern, sex and occupation
  3. Write "Hair Analysis on the bottom left of the envelope and Mail to:

    Houston Holistic Health Clinic

    6776 Southwest Freeway Suite 535

    Houston, Tx. 77074

$180.00 paid by check or credit card. This fee includes lab fees and a detailed protocol sheet written out by the Nutritionist letting you know how much of each vitamin and mineral your body needs. It will also tell you how to support heavy metal eliminatation if you test positive for them.

Please make checks out of Holistic health Clinic. Results take about 2 weeks to receive.

How to order a hair analysis test:

1. Online

Hair analysis test, lab results, detailed dietary and nutritional program to support better health and wellness. $180.00

2. Order through email:

email Dr. Gracie your name and address and she will mail you a packet.

3. To order & pay through the mail

follow the directions below
1. Take out a manila envelope to put all the information in.
2. Read the Disclaimer
3. Print the Questionnaire, & fill it out.
4. Print the hair cutting directions page and place the hair and the information needed at the bottom into your mailing envelope.
5. Print and fill out the payment form.
6. The fee is $180.00 male or female.My office visit fee is $80.
7. Mail everything to: Houston Holistic Health Clinic 6776 Southwest Freeway Suite 535 Houston, Tx. 77074
8. The test results, a detailed interpretation and Dr. Gracie's suggestions to support your health & well being will be mailed to you in about four weeks.

For more information visit Hair Analysis Webpage