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by Dr. Gracie G Chukwu, ND, MSN, CTN
If we feel ill, most of us go to our regular doctor. But many times conventional medicine doesn’t look for enough details needed to successfully diagnose and treat our ailments, particularly chronic illnesses. Instead, conventional medicine--for the most part--treats the symptoms, not  the underlying causes of what’s ailing us.
And if you have multiple ailments and you go to multiple specialists, the result may be that one doctor may prescribe a pharmaceutical not knowing that another doctor has prescribed another a pharmaceutical, which if combined, may result in uncomfortable, if not life-threatening side-effects. This piecemeal assessment may result in very little improvement to your health, because your various doctors are looking at one puzzle piece at a time rather than looking at the whole organism with its thousands of complex interactions. Too, these doctors are relying on a drug manufacturing and marketing system that benefits drug companies and doctors financially, not the ailing public or you.  
That’s why holistic medicine has become an alternative for so many patients. Holistic medicine practitioners seek to identity and eliminate the underlying cause of an illness, rather than   eliminate or suppress symptoms. In doing so, they look at the whole person, their history, their families’ histories, their work and home environments.
Then again, holistic treatment and nutritional support are available for a wide range of diseases and conditions. ADHD; autism; depression; addictions; obesity; cholesterol; high blood pressure; cancer;  chronic fatigue; chronic pain; HIV/AIDS; hormone disorders like diabetes and those related to the thyroid or andropause; digestive issues such as GERDS and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); osteoporosis; fibromyalgia; dementia and memory loss; auto-immune diseases/disorders like allergies, asthma, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis; woman’s issues such        as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), amenoria, infertility, endometriosis, PMS, menopause; skin issues; insomnia; even sexual dysfunction may be managed successfully with alternative, holistic methodologies.
Depending on your history and symptoms, holistic medicine practitioners may use medical lab testing, hormone saliva testing for estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, cortisol, and adrenal function. Food allergies (food sensitivities and/or food intolerances) can be tested for, and if needed, tests for parasites, bacteria and yeast may be administered. Hair analysis tests can pinpoint levels of needed minerals and how well the body is absorbing them. It also tests for the presence of toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and aluminum which all can cause extensive harm to your body.
Only after getting results of such tests can your alternative medical practitioner suggest specific foods to add (or remove), herbal supplements, homeopathic formulas, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes in order to return you to health.
Dr. Gracie Chukwu, ND, MSN, CTN, of Housto
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