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Patient Testimonials

* I started seeing Dr. Gracie on February 15, 2014 because of bad PMS symptoms. I was on medication that an endocrinologist gave me but that was not helping and knew I needed an alternative plan. During the first visit, we discussed my symptoms in detail and she really took the time out to listen to the issues that I was having. That was something that I appreciated because that is hard to find in doctors. I was hooked after that! She gave me supplements to take and I started feeling better the day after I started taking them. I was no longer bloated and cramping all of the time! I never had that kind of result with the other medication I was taking.

She also recommended doing a hair analysis to assess the toxic metals and elements in my body, which revealed that I had some changes to make. We went over the report in detail and she explained what I needed to change and which supplements to take.

I highly recommend going to Dr. Gracie! Without her, I would still be walking around miserable all the time. Thanks Dr. Gracie!

~ Christina
Dearest Dr. Gracie,

* I wholeheartedly appreciate you/your service! When my daughter, Givonne Johnson, turned adult age, we were very concern about her receiving proper care for her diagnoses of Lupus. Givonne had many appointments with several other doctors to assist her with her diagnoses of Lupus and she was very disappointed with the outcome. Givonne and I prayed about this concern and she specifically wanted a doctor whom cares. God graciously answered our prayers and we were referred to you by my mentor, Ms. Jessie Brown (one of you patients).

Dr. Gracie I thank you from the depths of my heart for your warm and loving reception of Givonne (and me). It was such a relief and delight to see Givonne smiling and joyful. I recall the day we sat in your office for consultation and you administered the herb to Givonne; her amazed expression of how she felt better and her asking "Am I suppose to feel like this?" and her stating "I feel better, a relief that I haven't felt in a long time..." She radiated all that day and talked about how appreciative she was of you for giving her the herb and whom she wanted to tell; we laughed so much that day and it was wonderful to see her happy. Words can not express my appreciation for your patience with Givonne and you taking the time to listen to her; as you told me "I'm going to treat her as if she were my own daughter", I embraced that and Givonne received that.

It's been very challenging accepting that Givonne has made her transition to be with God and that she was hit as a pedestrian in a hit and run accident. Thoughts of her having you as her doctor are very precious and I will forever cherish those thoughts; you are a ray of sunshine Thank you for attending her celebration and for calling and checking on me and my family. When those that I know/come in contact with are in need of a skillful, caring, and trustworthy doctor, I most definitely recommend Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Most grateful,
Glennora Johnson
* I was diagnosed with borderline ovarian cancer after each of the two major surgeries I underwent 8 and 10 years ago. I was tracking some new growths on my remaining ovary for the past 4-5 years as well as a uterine fibroid. A little over 1 year ago, November, an ultrasound revealed development of suspicious looking characteristics on my ovary suggesting possible recurring cancer. I also had a Nabothian cyst appear on my cervix in an ultrasound image by the following April. I started seeing Dr. Gracie Chukwu In May.  With Dr. Chukwu's assistance along with certain Gerson therapy practices I have finally begun to reverse the progress of these growths, something I have been unable to do without the aid of surgeries, since the pain started 20 years ago. I will recommend anyone who is suffering to go see her.


* After being married one year and seven months, my husband and I started to seek help for conception in December 2005. At this time I learned of my inability to conceive due to a fibroid in my uterus

After two surgeries, Lupron shots, acupuncture, fertility treatment by the way of IUI(artificial insemination) and fertility drugs, my husband and I still had not conceived. In October of 2007 we made a decision to cease all efforts to obtain conception by the way of traditional medicine. We asked God (Jesus Christ) to lead us in the right direction. Soon after, my husband’s coworker who suffered from fibroids over 20 years ago advised us to find a nutritionist who conducts hair analyses. This co-worker conceived years ago after following a nutritional plan designed for her specific nutrient deficiencies.

After surfing the Internet for several weeks, God lead us to a phenomenal woman, Dr. Gracie Chuku. This is the only person I could find in the Houston area who conducted hair analyses in the office. My first appointment with Dr. Gracie was November 5, 2007. I took a hair trace analysis (HTA) and hormone test. The HTA identified deficient nutrients in my body. The hormone test results identified the imbalance of my hormones.

On November 27, 2007 I received my results and most of my identified deficient nutrients were vital to reproduction. Therefore, the deficient nutrients and imbalanced hormones contributed to my inability to conceive. I would have never learned this through traditional medicine.

From these results, Dr. Gracie gave me a certain protocol to follow which consisted of a certain eating plan, vitamins and herbs. She also had my husband to take certain vitamins and herbs. My husband and I started our regimen immediately.

On January 12, 2008, I learned that we were pregnant!! We are grateful to Dr. Gracie of Houston Holistic Health Clinic, for her heart to help others. She believes in finding the root of the problem. We thank God for leading us to her. We will continue to share our testimony so others may have hope.

Tiffany Rhodriquez
Conroe, TX

* After being told I needed to remove my thyroid with the radiation treatment I refused!  Did some research and found Dr.Gracie and I'm very happy and thankful  I did! She helped me get my thyroid back into normal range.  Thank you so much, Dr Gracie.
Melissa Torres, Houston, Texas

* Dr.Gracie is really nice ,very attentive and cares more about her patients.  We went there because of our health problems and she took care of all our issues fast.
We were very much satisfied and will recommend her to others!!
Nishit  Joshi